When the world tells you to shrink...
E x p a n d !


About Amber

In early 2019 I found myself leaving a 4 year relationship for the 4th time. I felt tired, drained and had no awareness of how to navigate back to myself. If you've experienced anything similar to this, you know the difficulty in understanding what is real and what is not and the stress that has the potential to consume your knowing or intuition. 

The turning point for me was allowing myself to settle in with ME and every thing I was feeling. Finally getting out of my head and into my heart and just letting myself FEEL in a safe space.

I was sick and tired of feeling my nervous system living in fight/flight/freeze response. I was sick of feeling like I was "too much" or "too emotional" like being a woman was a burden in some way.

After I started working with EFT I felt like a weight lifted off me physically and emotionally. I felt like I had my life back and I was free to love myself in every form, to express myself as a highly sensitive woman & spiritual badass!

Now my life is expanding in ways I have always dreamed about and knew possible. I am in the healthiest relationship with with myself through the ebb and flow of life. I've had more opportunity for traveling, on track in my career and building a business. Most importantly I feel connected to my true self, my purpose and love every day. 

If you find yourself transitioning in your personal growth, career, a relationship, or other opportunities arising right now, my wish for you is to experience a whole new life of wild possibilities! I know I can walk you through this and out the other side feeling confident, calm and connected to your true self and true purpose. Let's get excited about the flow of L O V E  together. What it means and what it feels like. XO

What is EFT?
Emotional Freedom Technique through tapping. We are tapping on acupuncture meridians on our face and body to disrupt negative patterns in the bodies energy system bringing them to a neutral space so we can reinforce a positive thought and feeling.  
Get you feeling better faster!

Tapping is an interrupter 
Relaxes the central nervous system 
Allows the body to leave the fight/flight/freeze response
Allows us to create a neutral pathway in the brain
Gets you to a rest/repose state of being 

How do you want to feel?
Connected and confident in relationships
Excited and inspired within your career
Powerful, safe and cherished in your body
Focused, clear and calm about the changes occuring in your life
Abundant, ease and flow with money
Open, intuitive and present within your spirituality 
Gentle and fierce towards a deeper experience of self care


"I feel like the baby is tapping from inside my belly from today's session!"
— Maura

"I wanted to thank you again for the beautiful tapping session today. I feel sooo good. Tired. But in the best way! I love you girl and can't wait to tap together again!"
— Liz

"I love how you spread all the love around and want women to feel incredible and be in tune with themselves too!"
— Emma
I would love to connect with you .xo

If you are curious about mind body connection and how tapping can reset your nervous system and get you feeling better faster...
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xo - On top of my 1:1 calls and workshops, I am available to collaborate together - guest speak at live events, seminars and retreats! - ox