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Spiritual Badass
7 day experience
(May 2020) 

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Let's heal together badass
I am here to hold a safe space for you and to guide you to releasing the motherf*cking whatever struggle! You are here now because you want to live your most bold beautiful life YOUR way! Let's Glow up as a tribe as we focus on 7 different daily emotional triggers & releases xoxo

Judgement Detox
4 week program

(July & October 2020)
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This may be for you or someone you love if you are feeling that pull to look a little deeper at what’s holding you back, why you feel fear over the idea to lean into the thing you’ve been wanting most. Releasing the judgement from our inner critic. Releasing the judgement that feels heavy coming from something outside of you. Saying sweetly to the inner critic that says “I can’t because..” buhbye!

Wildly Worth It
14 Days
(August, 2020)
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This two week tapping experience is to let the day to day life moments be seen, felt & heard. Releasing the small but impactful triggers that curve your day and shift you into feeling GOOD AF
Say it with me "I let go of complications and embrace ease. My life flows" xo

1:1 Intuitive Clarity Call 
(runs between 60-90 minutes)
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This is a space for just you and I girlfriend, I will always stay where you're at as we work through the emotional things in life together. Let's say goodbye to those old beliefs that are holding you back from expanding into that badass woman you have always had roaring inside your delicate soul. 

Committed Coaching 
5 sessions
(60 minutes each)
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$555 now on for $444

Okay, you feel the vibe that one session has done for you but you want to dive deeper because you know the magic that is already unfolding and wants to continue rising to the surface! We focus on your main emotional block or resistance and find that core intention to really kick those old belief systems to the see yah never pile! Rise up sister, the world needs your magical self!

Human Connection Junkie
10 sessions
(60 minutes each)
sacred exchange
$1,111 now on for $888

Our beliefs shape our thoughts and those thoughts fuel our emotional reactions that shape our current reality. When we change our beliefs we can have whatever we want, what we desire also desires us! We connect weekly integrating EFT tapping and Matrix re-imprinting. To put it more simply, we work through a technique that connects you to your past traumas or core beliefs and transform them into a supportive new belief. We get you feeling better faster!
Love & Light!
Let's Connect!