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You're growing, you're getting curious about yourself. You have an understanding about what you want and don't want. Be patient with yourself and love yourself anyway through that messy middle. It might feel like a small start or it might not feel like one at all. It might even feel ground shaking overwhelming at times. YOU are here now and you feel the call to releasing and expressing your true self. Trust the process sweet one, you are meant for greatness! xo

Keep exploring you, your life is about breaking your own limits and beliefs. Outgrow yourself to live your ultimate badass life. You are not in competition with anyone or any thing else, you are here to outdo your past and keep following your passion. Get so confident in yourself FOR yourself that no one else's opinions, judgements, or projections can freaking rock you! Resistance is the roadmap...


Why work with a coach?

Holding a safe space <3 Sometimes leaning on our friends & family can project judgment or fear based opinions out of their own journey of self discovery. Always from a place of love, however this can put us out of alignment...


It takes time exploring through the messy middle. I am going to hold your vision for you everyday through that expansion even when sometimes you want to call it quits. Transition & new belief system integration <3
Basically I remind you of how freaking badass you really are and always have been!


We discover a new perspective and light together – We look deeper, not just surface level. I will always stay where you're at, there is no pressure to be at one level or another. We navigate the tough shit together! This is your awakening, the tapping & meditation practices you learn are for a lifetime and can easily be introduced to all areas of your life right from your own hands. You've got you gf, and I've got you <3 
My soul vision & dedication while we are working together...

Witness it - I work with you to uncover what is wanting to surface and be seen, I am here to hold that safe space for you. We navigate together on a deeper level what is causing the feeling or emotion. We witness the fear and lean into the resistance with love and take a closer look to the shadow response.

Allow it - Allowing our emotions, triggers and thoughts to surface can feel very resistant and uncomfortable at times. For a long while we have been taught in some way that being vulnerable or emotional is weak. This my badass babe is your power and strength! I guide & hold you through the uncomfortable messy middle while navigating the hidden message behind the overwhelm. 

Release it - We cry, we laugh, we yawn, we burp, we get real AF, we get uncomfortable. We get inspired, we get excited, we get relief, we get creative. We release and allow ourselves to be both, and. Spiritual Badass, it's time now to let yourself be both happy and sad at the same time. You are saying goodbye to an old version of yourself and exploring the woman you are becoming.
Welcome yourself now to Self freedom & Wild love <3

Receive it - Hello Joy, Abundance and the flow of L O V E ! It's time now babe to allow yourself to receive the magic of expression, creativity, your voice, blessings & all that you want to flow into your life quickly .xo It's time now to let yourself be aligned AF and be so happy in the creation of your beautiful and bold life! 

Get out of your head & into your body
It's your time .xo

"You know, sometimes all you need is twenty seconds of insane courage. Just literally twenty seconds of just embarrassing bravery. And I promise you, something great will come of it."
- We bought a zoo 

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